Four Star Pizza (Waterford)

We’ve been working with Four Star Pizza to create an enticing SMS strategy to promote their offers in an appealing way that customers just can’t say 'no' to. As Black Friday approached, Four Star Pizza wanted their promotion to stand out from the crowd.

The retail landscape is already crowded and it goes without saying that competition is fierce during Black Friday. According to a recent report, around 82 million text messages are sent for Black Friday offers in America.

Four Star Pizza were keen to try something different, something eye catching, something new. So we invited them to take an exclusive preview of our latest product: SMS Landing Pages.

By building a mobile-friendly web page, Four Star Pizza were able to brand their message, include images and call-to-action buttons and deliver it straight to their customers mobile devices.

Four Star Pizza Black Friday Landing Page
Black Friday Landing Page stats

How does an SMS Landing Page campaign work?

At first it’s no different from a usual text campaign, the recipient receives an SMS that contains a link which sends them to a tailored landing page.

By using SMS Landing Pages, their message was enhanced with richer content making it more attractive and appealing to customers, compelling them to take action.

Not only were they successful in standing out in a competitive market but also had a high take-up of their Black Friday deal. Four Star Pizza witnessed a click-through rate of 10%, compare this to the average retail email campaign of 2.5%; it’s clear that this campaign was a success! They also saw a 30% increase in conversion rate, when compared to their previous standard SMS campaign.

Four Star Pizza Christmas Landing Page

A winning recipe.

In fact, Four Star Pizza were so impressed by the results after using the new landing page product that they decided to make use of it again to complement a television campaign.

"We did not regret our decision to use Esendex’s new Landing Page product for our second campaign. The increased level of engagement and interaction really helped to support our TV ad and we saw a 25% uplift in sales as a result." Ahmad Chughtai, Owner of Four Star Pizza (Waterford)

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