Vaillant Group UK tap into SMS

With 140 years of experience in developing products to save energy and conserve natural resources, Vaillant Group UK are a leading supplier of innovative hot water, heating and cooling solutions globally.

In an effort to improve their business processes, they set out looking for an efficient communication channel that they could use to communicate effectively with their customers and engineers. They were looking to find a provider that was flexible and reliable that would continue to develop in line with Vaillant Group’s business strategies - they took the plunge to work with Esendex! 

Vaillant Group employee
An example of a Vaillant Group text message

"What might've taken our contact centre - in most cases - 5 minutes, can now be done instantly.


Communicating with customers

Before using SMS, their contact centre would spend valuable time and money calling customers to remind them of their appointments - this was a massive drain on resource. Appointment reminders are now sent via SMS and with our two-way text messaging system, customers can cancel their appointments or arrange a call-back to rebook!

Since implementing our text messaging services Vaillant Group UK has improved their efficiency and reduced outbound call volumes per year by a whopping 34,140 calls. Their average call time is 5 minutes, so each text message that has replaced a phone call has generated huge operational and financial savings - now that’s refreshing to hear!  

Communicating with engineers

Vaillant Group UK use our SMS services to send same day appointment reminders to their engineers, sending a reminder with all the relevant details so they know exactly where to go, arriving on time, every time. By utilising SMS, this has improved operational efficiency for both the internal planning teams and the field engineers.


Vaillant Group

Looking to the future...

Vaillant Group UK are planning on sending text messages to customers when their engineers are on their way to them. They’re also planning on sending SMS surveys after an engineer has visited to understand whether or not the visit met their expectations. This feedback will prove invaluable to identify their strengths and weaknesses, to ultimately improve the customer experience.

Also, Vaillant Group UK are looking to build a Payment Portal through Esendex and our partner Collstream, that will allow engineers to take payments on site with a customer and to produce an SMS invoice and receipt directly for the customer convenience. 



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