Integrate Zapier to send SMS from business software

Send business to business and business to consumer SMS from more than 750+ applications with Zapier and Esendex SMS.  In order to access our app via Zapier click here.

The Zapier application offers two main concepts:

Here are just some of our favourite SMS & Zapier integrations

Zapier integrations are ever expanding, especially in the world of SMS. If you find that your favourite application, software or tool is not listed then there may well be a new app available on Zapier already.  With more than 750 applications available to integrate with  automating SMS sending without development support is simpler than you think. 

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Integrate Zapier to send SMS
How to use Zapier to send text messages

In this guide we will use an example of emails received in Gmail to show the exciting possibilities with Esendex and Zapier integrations. Please follow the steps to see how simple it can be to trigger SMS sends. 

Esendex SMS currently supports two actions with Zapier; sending an SMS & sending a scheduled SMS.

In order to follow the examples in this guide you will need:

  1. A free Esendex account
  2. Gmail account

How to send SMS with Gmail

The first step to initiate the opportunities that Zapier offers is to create your first “Zap”. Click on any of these options which presents this opportunity.

You will see simple actions to help you get started making your first Zap. In this example we want to send an SMS from “Gmail” so choose “Gmail” as your trigger application.

You then need to tell Zapier what event you would like to trigger the action within your application. Choose “New Email Matching Search.” This tells Zapier that whenever a new email appears in your inbox matching your required search term, your intended recipient will get a text message.

You then need to tell Zapier what search term you want to trigger the action of sending an SMS. In this example we have chosen any email with the subject “urgent.” Click “continue”

On the next screen confirm your Gmail account details to pair Zapier with Gmail Hit “Continue.”

You should then see the screen above which confirms whether the connection test was successful or not. If not, click to “Re-test.”

You then need to choose your “Action” application. In the search bar type “Esendex” and select.

You then need to tell Zapier the action you want your application to perform. In this example it is to “Send SMS.” Hit “Save and continue”

Connect your Esendex account.

The Esendex confirguration requires you to select your account reference and to input the mobile phone number of your intended recipient of your SMS. In the above example we opted for the text of our SMS message to consist of the body of the email without the html parts.

In order to achieve this, simply select the “Insert fields” button and then select “body plain. Hit “Continue.”

At this stage you will probably want to test your Gmail. Zapier offers this option. In order to complete this successfully though you will need to have an email in your Gmail account that matches your exact search criteria.

In this example we sent an email to the Gmail account that we linked to this “Zap” with the subject “zapier test” and a body of “hello zapier friend!”

Once setup has been completed simply click “Test Zap with this sample”. If successfully you will receive an SMS which includes the text contents of your email.

You can then turn this Zap on by assigning it a memorable name and clicking on.

You have now told Zapier to check your Gmail account according to the search criteria every 5 minutes and trigger a text message for any new emails in line with that criteria.

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