Imagine creating an app-like experience for users, without the time and expense. Mobile Journeys are designed specifically for mobile to guide your customers from point A to B with no distractions. With no downloads required, a Mobile Journey can offer app-like features such as data capture, mobile-friendly forms, file attachments as well as delivering rich content with minimal effort from the user.

How can your business use Mobile Journeys?

Esendex Mobile Journey's can stand alone or integrate as part of your wider communications strategy.

Data Collection
Meter Readings
Arrange Appointments

Whether you need to collect debt, encourage a customer to purchase a new service or product, require settlement of a loan, renew insurance or process council tax; Mobile Journeys can offer secure payment processing and transactions on-the-go.

For security, customers can verify their identity with an authentication stage prior to visiting your branded payment journey.

Our PCI compliant payment journey will assist your customers to make a simple payment via a form that is mobile friendly. Help put customers in control by providing options of payment amount, choosing payment options and more.


Using Mobile Journeys for collecting feedback is a richer experience than a simple SMS survey, with features such as buttons, sliders and free-type fields.

Gain valuable insights and information that can be used to benefit your business and improve the response rate compared to other communication channels your business uses.

Analyse responses in the detailed live intelligent reports.


Give your promotional activities a boost by putting together a complete online experience that targets mobile and tablet users. Think of it as a rich interactive brochure, you can create a detailed visual, with clear messaging and calls to action to entice your customers.

Launch products and events, deliver promotions and discounts, provide shopping journeys, drive traffic to your stores and websites and much more.

Data Collection

Eliminate the need for paper forms and move to a mobile-friendly way of collecting the information you need from your customers.

Our Mobile Journeys forms can be fully branded and automatically pull customers data where required to assist in form completion as well as verifying customer details.

Reduce the level of admin by pushing the data collected straight into your in-house systems.

Collect customer details and requirements, complete contracts and applications, create checklists, and more.

Meter Readings

Improve billing accuracy by providing a convenient way for customers to provide accurate meter readings at the push of a button.

Combine an SMS reminder with a link to a Mobile Journey. The customer can then validate their identity, input their current meter readings and submit. The Esendex engine will then send this data to you and update the customer account instantly!

Arrange Appointments

Avoid switchboards becoming clogged with customers changing appointment times and dates, by allowing them to serve themselves.

Mobile Journeys can be used to interact with your existing booking system to provide your customer with options for available appointments. The selection can then be made within a fully branded environment.

With a selection made, the information can be passed back to your system to update the customer's appointment details. An SMS confirmation for the new appointment can also be sent to your customer.

So what are the benefits?

Mobile optimised,
mobile friendly.

Reduce friction for your mobile customers which is touch screen friendly.

conversion rates

Experience a growth of completed transactions as customers aren't distracted or lost elsewhere.

No download

You’re Mobile Journey can be used right away, with no need to download an app.

Use existing
customer data

Personalise your communications and use identifiable fields with data pulled from your CRM.


Create a journey that works for you and your customers.

managed service

Our Professional Services team will design, develop and deploy your workflow for you.

Measure customer
journey success

Monitor the performance of your journey, identify drop out points and improvements responsively as data is captured.

Added customer

Interact with your customers at a time and place, and in a way that suits them.


Can customers upload attachments via a Mobile Journey?

If you need to receive supporting documents or files from your customers, you can easily do this using a Mobile Journey. Whether its a photograph to support an insurance claim, proof of identity, recent bill or more, sending files has never been simpler.

At the press of a button, your customers can upload a file within the journey. From there, the file will be sent to a secure location where you'll be able to access it.

What are the features of Mobile Journeys?

Here are the features which will help you convert more customer journeys.

compliant payments

We’ll process, store and transmit credit card information securely.

customisable branding

Use your brand colours, font and imagery to match your business.

QR code support

Use your journey as a coupon or voucher with the inclusion of barcode and QR codes.


Include video content to enhance your customers experience.

file upload

Safe uploading of customer files to support a transaction to a secure location.

Google maps

Integrate a map feature so your customers can locate their nearest store.


Link to your in-house booking system to an appointment scheduler and send a calendar invite to customers.

Employ in a
multichannel strategy

A Mobile Journey can stand alone or work with the other Esendex products as part of your communication strategy.


Don't just take our word for it

Here's an example of how partnering with Esendex can benefit your customers.

Providing more customer feedback for healthcare provider Health Harmonie

Collecting patient feedback using Mobile Journeys has presented health provider, Health Harmonie with 3 times more data than previous methods.

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