Purpose built for smaller screens, our Mobile Journeys encourage your customers to complete a transaction. This can be as simple as a detailed marketing promotion, completing a payment, to data collection with mobile friendly forms and sending digital letters. Mobile Journeys streamlines your customers from point A to point B by removing distractions and including dynamic content where necessary.

How can Mobile Journeys improve customer conversions?

Here's just a number of solutions our customers have used Mobile Journeys.

Collections/ Payments
Marketing/ Promotions
Data Collection
Meter Readings
Arrange Appointments
Collections & Payments

Expand upon your SMS or email reminders of a late or missed payments, by directing your customers to make a simple payment portal via a Mobile Journey.

Add an authentication stage to provide customers with security, before proceeding to your fully branded payment environment.

Our fully PCI compliant payment journey can help your business collect payments and small debts in a convenient method for your customers while increasing the efficieny of your payment reminder automation.

Surveys & Feedback

By using Mobile Journeys to conduct surveys you can collect customer feedback in more detail as recipients won't be restricted by the usual character limits.

Building a mobile-friendly survey ensures that your content is optimized for fingers using buttons, sliders as well as free type fields when appropriate.

All details of your completed surveys can then be fed back to you in the form of a live intelligent report.


Boost your promotions by sending customers a bespoke digital brochure complete with call-to-actions that drive instant purchases.

Launch products and events, deliver promotions and discounts, provide shopping journeys, drive traffic to your stores and websites and much more.

You can create fully personalised customer journeys using your existing customer data from your CRM and icrease the likelihood of conversion.

Data Collection

Reduce your reliance on pen and paper forms by going digital with a mobile-friendly form. This is a fantastic way to digitise Income & Expenditure forms.

Create fully branded forms which can automatically pull data from your CRM where necessary and upon collection can be easily pushed back into your CRM, updating your customer details instantly.

Collect data anywhere, and significantly reduce your resource spend by automating data feed into your in-house systems.

Meter Readings

Provide customers with a more convenient way to input and send their meter readings back to their supplier without having to download an app or speak to a call agent.

Expand upon your SMS reminders for a meter reading by including a link to a Mobile Journey where a customer can validate their identity before entering and submitting their meter readings.

Our solution will then push the entered meter reading directly into your CRM system.

Arrange Appointments

Missed appointments cost businesses time and money, enabling customers to rearrange by themselves in a hassle free way ensures your business continues efficiently.

Mobile Journeys can be combined with your current booking system, providing customers with available appointment options. Once a selection is made, the information can be pushed back to your booking system and follow up SMS confirmation can be sent to your customers.

So what are the benefits?

for mobile

A mobile friendly solution with no distractions to get you customers from A to B.

conversion rates

Mobile Journeys are easy to use and convenient for your customer to complete on the go.

No downloads
or installations

All you need to share with your customer is the link to your journey.

Use existing
customer data

Personalise your journey for each customer with data from your CRM.


If you have specific requirements we can build a bespoke solution for your business.

managed service

Our Professional Services team will design, develop and deploy your workflow for you.

Measure customer
journey success

With reports for customer interaction you can measure completion rates better.

Added customer

When combined with SMS, your customers can easily complete the journey at their msot convenient time.


Receive documents and files from your customers.

It may be necessary for your business to receive digital files or documents from your customers, such as supporting statements, scans or images in order to complete a process.

With a Mobile Journey a customer can upload a file which will be sent to a secure location where your business can access it. Simple!

What are the features of Mobile Journeys?

Here are the features which will help you convert more customer journeys.

compliant payments

We’ll process, store and transmit credit card information securely.

Use your
corporate branding

You can customise the colours, logos, fonts and imagery to maintain corporate identity.

QR code support

Include discount codes and vouchers for added ease of claiming an offer.


Integrate video content to improve engagement for your marketing and promotions.

file upload

Enable customers to upload image files and documents securely if necessary.

Google maps

By integrating with Google maps your customers can get directions instantly.


Link to your in-house booking system to an appointment scheduler within a mobile journey.

Employ in a
multichannel strategy

Combine with other Esendex channels for a fully automated communication strategy.


Reduce your carbon footprint with digital letters

A third of consumers feel that paper letters is now an unecessary method of communication, (Source) suggesting that this is no longer the best way to get intouch with your customers. Sending paper letters is not the most cost-efficient or effective way of reaching people in the modern world.

We've added a secure document download tool that enables your business to send a digital letter or document to your customers. The letter content is dynamic so it contains the most recent information from your system.

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