Promotions & marketing by mobile.

Improve connection and engagements between your business & customers using smart, custom-built mobile web pages that transform your entire marketing process.

The next generation of mobile promotions…

Use Mobile Journeys for focused marketing. Use for product launches and offers to hit targets, drive traffic and increase your conversions.

Multi-device with options to integrate

Mobile Journeys open up multi-channel opportunities to promote. Our mobile marketing journeys can operate independently or can be integrated with any of the Esendex products; SMS, Voice, & Web to maximise your marketing success.

Personalised & dedicated promotions

Create a focused and targeted path suited to the needs of your business and its customers. Guide them from start to finish without distractions. Perfect when you’re trying to communicate a new product launch which has been tailored for them.

Quality & secure systems

We recognise the importance of security and compliance standards, especially for businesses that operate in highly regulated environments. We are fully PCI DSS and ISO 27001 accredited which is peace of mind when you’ve invested your trust in us.

Track, report & engage

Capture information about interactions at certain touchpoints or all of them. Our managed system can be tailored to suit your requirements. This works well if you want to know how a user has reacted with a specific step of your journey.

Clear pricing with complete service support

Mobile marketing with Mobile Journeys start with a low initial set up cost. Efficient and affordable Mobile Journeys offer a fully managed service which means we can pass on the benefit of our experience and development expertise. Get the most out of Mobile Journeys to help your customers get the most out of your product or service.

“We’re driven by our customers’ needs so we’re always looking for ways to enhance our services and pride ourselves on innovation.”


Drive traffic.
Boost engagement.
Increase profits.

A seamless mobile marketing journey.

Connect customers with your business’ latest products, promotions and offers at the single push of a button or swipe of a screen. Imagine creating an app-like experience for users, without the need for your business to go through the costly expense in time and money to create. Designed for mobile and triggered by a link within an email or text message, Mobile Journeys can help your business drive success to the right places in one complete journey from beginning to end.

Create an experience your customers can immerse themselves in using your brand to create a personalised marketing journey.

Multimedia and enriched SMS

Our journeys don’t require the user to download anything. They operate as a simple, secure and interactive enriched media solution. Triggered with a web link within an SMS or email, you can make your promotions accessible to anyone, anywhere at anytime and means that your promotion can be received and engaged with pretty much instantly.

“86% of Irish adults have access to an internet-enabled mobile device”


Use to:

  • Launch a product
  • send loyalty & reward offers
  • Promote one-off offers
  • Boost revenue
  • Promote discounts & offers
  • Send users to your store
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Market events
  • Distribute tickets & coupons
  • Target your campaigns

Killer mobile marketing stats

Mobile marketing coupons sent by SMS are ten times more likely to be redeemed than ones sent by print.

40% of shoppers consult 3 or more channels (often while shopping) before making a purchase.
(Convince & Convert)

66% of users subscribed to mobile marketing have made a purchase as a result of receiving an SMS.

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