WhatsApp for Business

Use the world’s most popular messaging app to connect with customers.

Capture your audience’s attention by targeting the application they’re already using to chat.

How can WhatsApp for Business be used?

With 1.5 billion active users (Source), WhatsApp is, after SMS, the world’s most popular mobile messaging app. It’s popular because it’s free, you can have group chats, it’s very secure, and you can share rich media. As a business wishing to drive better engagement with your customers, you can leverage two of these features – secure messaging, and sharing rich media.

WhatsApp for Business is designed for conversations between your brand and individual customers. It’s intended for what we call transactional messages – alerts, updates, notifications, reminders – and also customer care conversations. Via WhatsApp for Business, once your customer has opted in to communications, either you or the customer can start a conversation, which you can either handle with a live agent, or automate responses via a chatbot.

What are the benefits of using WhatsApp for Business?

Here are just some of the reasons why your business should include WhatsApp messaging as part of your communication strategy

1.5 billion
global users

Utilise the world’s most widely used messaging application

Engage in the way
the customer wants

Offering WhatsApp as part of a multichannel strategy will give the customer the choice to engage in the way they want.

Familiar and
comfortable environment

Better customer understanding of WhatsApp will allow for better interactions


Customers will be able to view pictures, video and audio in addition to text

Interact in

Customers will be able to interact with businesses in fast, chat-style environments


Sensitive information can be exchanged safely and securely

iOS and Android

Communicate with any handset which has Whatsapp installed

How can businesses use WhatsApp?

Here are the ways you’ll be able to connect with customers in a simple, secure, and reliable way

Chat/Customer support

Live chat environments are great for real-time customer service interactions, but it’s not always convenient for a customer to login to an account or go to a website, where such an interaction can take place. WhatsApp for Business allows customers to have the same types of live interactions, with none of the live chat pre-requisites.

WhatsApp customer support interactions can also include rich media for a better-informed, faster interaction which benefits both the customer and service provider.

Example applications include:

  • Payment processing
  • Order queries
  • Contract/policy updates
  • FAQs
Rich notifications

An informed customer is a happy customer, and that’s where WhatsApp for Business can help. You’ll be able send media-rich notifications which grab the customers attention in a more effective way, using an application the average user already spends an average 195 minutes on per week (Source).

Example applications include:

  • Order confirmations
  • Delivery updates
  • Appointment reminders (with links to re-scheduling tools)
  • Event invitations
  • Payment reminders
  • Service interruptions (E.g. utilities)

Making sure that your message has arrived, and more importantly been read, is often critical to any project. The delivery and read notifications within WhatsApp make it easy for senders to be reassured that their message has been engaged with.

Example applications include:

  • Travel updates with links to rescheduling tools
  • Facility closures (E.g. schools, and healthcare facilities)
  • IT outage alerts
  • Security breaches
  • Account updates (E.g. banking, council-tax statements)

What are the features of WhatsApp for Business?

Here are the tools that will help you have richer communications with customers, in an environment that customers are already comfortable using.

Image, video

Add interactive media to your text based messages for a higher level of customer engagement

business profiles

Provide address, description, email, and website, in an environment including your corporate identity.

2-way chat

Provide customer service interactions in an environment your customer is already familiar with


Make sure that your message has reached the customer quickly and easily

Cross OS

Send messages to any recipient who has WhatsApp installed on their device

Customer conversations with Whatsapp and Messaging Studio

Deliver exceptional customer conversations using the Chat feature in Messaging Studio. Host successful Whatsapp chat sessions off the back of your approved outbound messages, where your customers can experience a richer interaction with your business. Chat combines two-way messaging with rich content such as video and media files in a branded and secure messaging environment.

“The WhatsApp for Business Solution is going to allow our customers to better engage with audiences than ever before. We’re really excited to see how they use the new platform”

Geoff Love – CEO – Esendex

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