Send SMS from Magento or Magento 2.X

Automate your SMS notifications and marketing messages with a simple plugin.

By using Zapier, your business can enable its Magento or Magento 2.X platform to send SMS without requiring a development team to build an integration. Enable your ecommerce store to send transactional text messages and automate basic communications to customers as well as internal notifications to account managers and key stake holders.

New customers

Keep your sales team informed by text every time a new customer purchases making it easier to stay on top of your new customer targets.

Select the information to include in the text message that is most helpful for your sales team, whether it’s their customer number, ID, email address or name. Or use this as an opportunity to welcome your new customer on board with a welcoming text.

Creating new customer triggers is simple using Zapier with Esendex, enabling your business to send SMS to customers and staff.

New orders

Automatically notify your team when an order has been made and stay on top of your inventory and send notifications to customers confirming their order has been received by your store.

Add custom fields to your message such as order numbers, product code or customer numbers to suit your needs.

Shipping alerts

Whether your using Magento or Magento 2.X, you can send automated SMS to notify the customer as to when their order has been shipped. Drive repeat business by providing your customers with a positive delivery experience.

Assist admin by automatically sending notifications regarding shipping, whether it’s an action to be completed or once it’s been processed.

New products

Ecommerce sites can range in size and introducing new additions can be difficult for staff and customers. Use SMS to notify customers when a new item is available.

Retailers lose an estimated $93 billion in sales annually due to out-of-stock inventory. Let your customers know when an item they’ve requested is back in stock via text message.

With our Zapier integration between Magento and Esendex you can choose your intended recipient or recipients and choose which information to contain within a text message.

Invoice alerts

Send customers notifications when their invoice is ready containing information of their purchase, quantity and amount.

Particularly useful for chasing late payments.When a new invoice is created or paid, you can choose to automatically send a text message to the customer and account manager.

Take a look at these ready-to-use Magento & Esendex Zaps

If you already have a Zapier account and an Esendex account, you can integrate the two together right here by clicking one of our pre-made templates.

Find out more about our Zapier integration

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