Successful SMS Marketing

Whether you’ve sent out a few dozen messages to test out SMS marketing, or you’ve sent out thousands of messages and would like to take your results from average to exceptional this ebook is for you.

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Customer service icon

Customer Service

Customers have never had such high expectations from retailers, so how can you leave customers happy & satisfied?

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GDPR ebook

GDPR Guide

Our simple guide provides you with steps in order to stay GDPR compliant using email and text messaging.

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Retail & Marketing ebook

Retail marketing

The smartphone revolution means your customers are more connected than ever, but they may be harder to engage.

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reseller programme image

Reseller Programme

Provide your customers with better business communications by using any or all of the Esendex products.

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Communicate with patients and staff! Appointment reminders, shift planning, outpatient follow-ups, etc.

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Transport and logistics white paper image

Transport & logistics

Whether you're transporting goods or people, SMS traffic updates, delivery notifications and so on help drive efficiency. 

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Education white paper image


Contact staff, parents and pupils. Arrange staff cover, notify of closures and deliver room changes - to name a few.

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SMS integration white paper image

SMS integration

Integrate SMS into each and every application. Automate delivery notifications, system alerts, etc.

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Construction and property white paper image

Construction & property

Interact with suppliers, buyers and staff!  Property alerts, updates, co-ordinate stock - just a few ways SMS can help.

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Financial services white paper image

Financial services

Use SMS to fight fraudulent activity, send balance updates, billing reminders, policy renewals and more!  

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Public sector white image

Public sector

Communicate with staff and the public.  Appointment reminders, community alerts, application updates and so on. 

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