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Patient appointment reminders & staff alerts

Healthcare facilities, such as the EHS, are becoming faced with an increasing amount of challenges, from managing staff and patients through to demanding budget restraints and communication shouldn’t be one of them. By integrating SMS into your communications strategy you can make significant cost savings, reduce the cost of missed appointments, gain outpatient feedback and more.

Esendex can help. 
Using text messaging allows you to automate communication with patients, streamline messaging among staff, and simplify administration duties. Statistically, text reminders can reduce the number of no-shows in the medical arena. Voice messages, Email to SMS and surveys can also be used in addition to SMS to create a low-touch, high response communications strategy.

SMS Appointment Reminders

Did Not Attends cost the health industry millions every day. There’s documented evidence that SMS can reduce DNAs by almost 25%

Shift Management

Relying on telephone calls as your prime communication method among staff relies on two members being free at any one time.  Using SMS invites recipients to respond at more convenient times. It’s efficient, effective and inexpensive.

Information & Alerts

Inviting patients into your surgery or practice for prescriptions, test results, encouraging blood donations, providing healthcare tips and advising staff of any changes can all be done by SMS.

“We’re continuously looking for better ways to improve our customer experience and the Esendex workflow has given us the information we need to be able to do that”


How we deliver better outcomes at lower costs

We work with 100s of healthcare providers with proven success

Reducing the cost of covering shifts.

As a doctors surgery, dental practice or EHS trust, Esendex can help you improve your staff rostering. Filling shifts needn’t be costly or time-consuming. Sending a text message can save your admin staff hours of wasted time calling around. Learn more about our work with Bupa and The Epilepsy Society.

Increasing appointment attendance

When patient no-shows cost the HSE €210k a day, a cheap solution to boost attendance is to use text message appointment confirmations and reminders. Especially with a fantastic open rate of an SMS (94%) , an effective message, you can increase attendance by almost 25%.

Patient Communications

SMS is ideal for keeping in touch with your patients and alerting them when test results are available, prescriptions are ready for collection or a regular check-up due. Outpatient follow-ups can be written in advance and scheduled to go out at relevant times. By using a Virtual Mobile Number or Short Code, you can also receive replies directly. Having an effective platform to communicate, can make your centre flow smoothly. We offer an intuitive online platform, the ability to send email via SMS, and a lightweight API. Learn more about Esendex SMS.

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