SMS & Mobile solutions for retailers.

Reach customers on the go with SMS.

The changing face of retail is met with numerous challenges. As a brick-and-mortar store, driving customers in and increasing footfall is impertinent to success against online competition. Whereas ecommerce merchants have a bigger focus on user experience, website speed and delivery services. In both cases, customer experience is pinnacle to gaining that competitive edge.

Esendex can help. Our SMS and Mobile solutions are well suited to help you attract new customers, increase customer loyalty and stay better informed and deliver the best possible experience from start to finish.

Retail Promotions

Promotional SMS can be anything from announcing your latest sale or offers to a discount code or Mobile Journey with interactive personalised content, it’s all here.

Order Notifications

Notify your customers about the progress of their order by sending confirmations and delivery information by text message. Automate the whole process by integrating with our lightweight API and SMS plugins such as Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce and more.

Customer Feedback

81% of customers say that they will buy from a business again if they were satisfied with the experience they had*. Stay on top of your business’ own performance with our various survey platforms.

“Our customers tell us that they love our service and being kept informed.”


Quality mobile service for all of your retail needs.

Our SMS and Mobile Web solutions can be combined or used stand-alone.

Low cost, high reach: SMS delivers every time

SMS is considered one of the most effective communication channels as it boasts a 98% read rate. While even the most well-thought-out emails only average a 30% open rate*. If you want to engage more with your customers then SMS should be your platform of choice. Learn more about Esendex SMS.

Offer personalised promotions with a Mobile Journey

Delivered via SMS, IP messaging or email, these mobile web pages remove all distractions and difficulties, and focus on getting your customer to complete a goal. They’re unique to each recipient, and can drive local traffic to a store, get feedback on a purchase, or drive sales of a product, service or event. Try out a Mobile Journey.

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