Moy Furniture

Moy Furniture, one of the leading furniture retailers in Northern Ireland, have been working with us for around five years, sending SMS campaigns on a regular basis to support their sales promotions.

With an abundance of companies marketing to the same customer base, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd and get your message heard above your competitors.

In fact, Adam Erhart takes this one step further and states that, “consumers are now immune to traditional advertising and marketing strategies.”

Consequently, for their latest Saturday Sale, Moy Furniture decided to try something a bit different, and opted for our SMS Landing Page product. This involved creating a tailored, mobile optimised web page, with a logo, branded images, colours and fonts alongside call-to-action buttons, to drive increased customer engagement.

How did Moy Furniture’s SMS Landing Page message work?

The recipient received a tailored SMS, with a logo preview image and a link to the landing page.

By using our new SMS Landing Page product, they were able to send a far more attractive and engaging message, containing a strong call to action and encouraging customers to purchase furniture items listed in their flash sale range.

The results were fantastic; Moy Furniture successfully managed to differentiate themselves from their competitors and drove increased customer engagement.

They were ecstatic to see that they managed to double their sales by using the new SMS Landing Page product.

“We are over the moon with the results we have seen from using the SMS Landing Page product and can’t believe the difference the addition of a Landing Page can make.”


A word from Moy Furniture…

“We are extremely happy that we decided to use Esendex’s new Landing Page product for our sales campaign. Not only was it visually appealing and increased customer engagement, but it also drove increased footfall to our store.”

“We were blown away by the results we witnessed from the Saturday Sale and are excited to use SMS Landing Pages for future campaigns.”

Stephen Harvey | Sales Manager | Moy Furniture

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