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Our history

Back in 2001, Adam Bird and Julian Hucker set out in Nottingham to build a quality SMS service. Since then we’ve grown by an exciting 25% year on year. After revenue reached a nifty £10M in 2013, Darwin Private Equity backed a management buyout of Esendex, taking us into our next chapter. 

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Who we are

13 years on, we’ve grown to a talented team of nearly 100, have conquered a number of countries and provide SMS solutions for a broad range of well-known customers throughout the world. We’ve been awarded some impressive certifications, but don’t worry, we’ve not let this go to our heads - we’re as passionate about everything we do as we ever were!

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What we do

We provide businesses with a fast, reliable and cost effective way of keeping in touch with their customers and staff. With direct connections to all the mobile networks and a highly reliable in-house SMS platform, we’re confident that we have the best service on the market. Don’t just take our word for it – have a sneaky peek at what some of our customers think!

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How we do it

One of our secrets to success is being able to provide the environment for employees who are passionate about what they do, to be the best they can be. In-house development, direct network connections and technology that consistently satisfies our customers, sets us apart and coincides with our belief that ‘every message matters.’

An image of our CEO   Geoff Love CEO  

Team Captain

"Because we're continuously improving our people, products and processes, our customers can trust us to provide a service that is second to none."

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Meet the people who make the team