What is Transactional Email?

The Esendex Professional Services team have a range of experience to create an email campaign that compliments your automation workflows and can be used as part of your multichannel strategy.

Whether your business is sending tens, hundreds or thousands of emails, the fully managed transactional email service can help take the strain out of your email sends.

With fast delivery and branded design, our award winning engineers will build a cost-effective solution that works for you.

How can my business use Esendex Email?

Whether your busines is sending tens, hundreds or thousands of emails, Esendex email can support your communications from transactional emails to marketing. Take a look at how we've helped build smarter email communications for our customers.

Debt Collection
Appointment Reminders
Official Notifications
Delivery Notifications
Critical Communications
Promotional Material
debt collection illustration
Debt collection

By combining email and SMS channels in an intelligent automation, debt collectors are able to increase their chances of contacting a customer.

Whether it’s collecting rents arrears to council tax collections, Esendex workflows prevent over-contact and default to the customer's preferred communication channel.

Use dynamic fields to personalise notifications. Email templates and attachments can be automatically customised to provide a personalised experience for each customer, increasing the chance of a successful outcome.

appointment reminders illustration
Appointment reminders

From dentists to hairdressers, doctors to mortgage advisers, missed appointments cost your business money, use email to send reminders automatically and reduce no shows.

Combine with SMS notifications to reach your customers effectively and save your business time and money.

notifications illustration
Official notifications

Esendex Email can contain a variety of confidential and personal documents which require a two-step verification process by SMS.

This text message will also advice customer that they have an important email to read which will also boost open rates.

delivery notifications illustration
Delivery Notifications

According to a 2016 survey, 97% of respondents want the ability to track products through the delivery process.

The preferred means of receiving delivery updates is email and SMS and with Esendex you can automate both.

public notices illustration
Critical Communications

From road closures to water cut-offs and power supply maintenance, keeping customers informed of inconveniences helps minimise any disruption.

Esendex Email is fully automated and can be sent directly from your CRM so whether you’re sending on behalf of a local authority or utility company, there’s no need to adapt to new technology.

promotional notifications illustration
Promotional Material

Esendex Email can drive results by pulling in specific CRM data, creating more dynamic personal emails for each customer. Combining with SMS creates a perfect system: email for the detail and SMS for the urgency.

Will my email attachments be secure?

Sending attachments containing personal data such as account billing, policy details, contracts etc, requires extra diligence so Esendex have added an extra level of intelligent security.

Two-factor authentication for email is simple. When a mail recipient receives their email they’ll also receive an SMS with a unique passcode. The attachment is then selected, the passcode entered - and the recipient will now have access.

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