Omnichannel Customer Chat Platform

Your customers want to text and WhatsApp you – we can make this happen more quickly, efficiently, and affordably than you might expect

What is Omnichannel Chat?

Omnichannel chat allows customer service and marketing teams to enjoy multiple, simultaneous, two-way, mobile-focused conversations with customers through a variety of digital communication channels.

As well as SMS; SMS Landing PagesRCS and even WhatsApp help provide richer, more engaging, higher-converting conversations. Bots can even be deployed to help automate some of your team’s previously manual customer interaction processes.

What can the Esendex omnichannel chat tool be used for?

Customer Service

Modern consumers don’t like calling businesses for customer service. It takes too long, it’s difficult to do other things at the same time, and customers are restricted to customer service desks opening hours.

Using a mobile-focused chat platform solves these issues, by providing faster access to agents. In fact, 66% of consumers now prefer to text businesses, because it’s convenient, discreet, and they can start and stop the conversation when it suits them. When coupled with a chatbot for out-of-hours queries, it also means the consumer is reliably going to receive a faster response.

All the consumer has to do is text a dedicated number to start the interaction; an agent will respond and progress the enquiry, or bots can be deployed to route the consumer to the relevant department. Bots can even manage full interactions for simple questions (such as product returns), and have the benefit of being able to provide service 24/7.


Simple text-based SMS are great, but when it comes to mobile-focused marketing – messages have to be visually striking, and even interactive in order to convert more of your opportunities into sales.

Messaging Studio lets you do this with an embedded rich messaging builder, allowing you to include images, video, discount codes and all of your business’s branding. Interactive buttons can also be included which can link to web locations (E.g. website for further product info), route to a location in Google Maps (E.g. a bricks and mortar store) or even add an event (E.g. a sale) to your customer’s in-device calendar.


Any type of notification including appointment reminders, digital receipts and delivery notifications stands a much greater chance of being delivered and read when targeting mobile devices.

There are significant cost-saving benefits to be had too. For example, sending a digital appointment management message, will reduce the risk of a missed appointment and also provide services to automate appointment re-arrangement when required. For delivery notifications, the chances of someone being home to accept the delivery are improved, and bots can even be deployed to pick another date/time if necessary.

Digital notifications are also greener (by reducing reliance on paper letters), and can be integrated directly into your existing systems via an API.

Say hello to richer communications with Messaging Studio

If you’ve never created a rich message to send to your customers, don’t worry – Messaging Studio makes it easy. With just a few clicks you’ll be able to include all your existing copy, imagery and branding to create a familiar environment that your customers will feel comfortable using.

Interactive elements like buttons also create environments that customers will actively enjoy interacting with, and in turn, increase the chances of a successful outcome.

By using next-generation channels like SMS Landing Pages, RCS, and WhatsApp you’ll also be future-proofing your comms strategies and getting priority access to new channels as they become available.

Features & Benefits

Wide variety of engaging digital channels

Deploy SMS, SMS Landing Pages, RCS or WhatsApp messaging.

Integrated rich message builder

Simple to use environment makes it easy to build richer, interactive messages.

Message template library

Build a catalogue of messages to use over and over for better conversation consistency.

Personalised messages

Make every message unique for each recipient.

Different message types available

Send simple text, image/video or interactive rich cards.

Add properties to individual customers

Add important information to each customer you interact with. E.g. product/service using.

Bot integration

Automate previously manual processes to free up your internal team’s time.

Recall archived conversations

Closed conversations can be quickly recalled if that customer gets back in touch.

Handle multiple conversations at once

Chat environment allows visibility of multiple interactions simultaneously, unlike telephone calls.

Free up agents time with bot integration

For simple, repetitive interactions bot can be used to free up agents time to focus on more complex tasks.

Use the comms channel your customer prefers

Maximise the potential of an array of next-generation communication channels.

Customer service access at any time/place

Customers can send a message whenever they like. Bots can even automate responses at any time of the day.

Reduce support costs

Handling multiple message-based conversations simultaneously solves more queries faster and eliminates outbound calling.

Simple to learn user-interface

Minimal training required for in-house teams.

Eliminate call waiting

After starting the interaction customers can carry on with other things while they wait for a response.

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