RCS Messaging Platform

RCS is the next generation of SMS, enabling your business to send richer more engaging content to customers.

Bring your customer messaging into the smartphone age and witness better engagements and increase your conversions.

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Get ahead of your competitors by investing in the next generation of customer communications.

RCS will play a big part in driving success from marketing right through to completing transactions.

Example uses include:

  • Deliver digital receipts
  • Customer service chat interactions
  • Arrange/rearrange delivery times and delivery updates
  • Upsell or cross-sell products with carousels
  • Receive payments
  • Deliver marketing messaging.

RCS presents financial service providers a secure method of messaging customers by displaying an approved “verified sender” status, providing customers with confidence and protecting them from fraudulent messages.

Create fully branded automated interactions with customers, using features such as interactive buttons and take payments directly within the applications – a very convenient option for your customers.

Example uses include:

  • Updating insurance claims (e.g. uploading photos and other details)
  • Making payments via linked facilities
  • Payment reminders with the option to make payment within the application
  • Renewing policies
  • Applying for loans/credit
  • Fraudulent activity notification
  • Arranging in-branch appointments
  • Customer identity verification.

Reduce friction for your customers by automating manual processes all from within your customers messaging application.

While this will be more convenient for your customers it also reduces the strain on your in-house resources freeing up your staffs time to focus on more demanding tasks.

Example uses include:

  • Collect meter readings
  • Provide tariff selection facilities
  • Chat style customer service
  • Bill payments
  • Frequently asked questions.
Property & Estate agents

RCS presents estate agencies with the ability to intereact with customers unlike ever before. From being able to send rich cards of suggested properties to arranging and confirming viewing appointments.

Example uses include:

  • Property alerts on rich cards with images, video, text and maps
  • Content carousels with available properties
  • Live Chat and chat bot capabilities
  • Booking and rearranging house viewings automatically
  • Document exchanges.

Expand upon your patient communications with RCS by enabling patients to book, confirm and rearrange appointments all within they’re messaging app.

Example uses include:

  • Booking, confirming and rearranging appointments
  • Calendar integration
  • Sending smart appointment reminders (i.e include images of healthcare professionals and practices)
  • Medical reminders (linked to existing appointment management systems)
  • Send prescriptions
  • Supply test results.
Local Government

Local government and public sector bodies have a wide array of topics that need to be communicated effectively to their citizens and clients.

RCS encourages engagement by enabling richer content to be sent such as visuals, call-to-action buttons, dynamic content, calendar integrations and more.

Example uses include:

  • Council tax reminders with payment options
  • General notifications i.e. bin collection
  • Appointment booking and rearranging
  • Service closure notifications.

What are the features of RCS Messaging?

Here are the features which will help you enjoy more intelligent interactions with your customers

Verified sender

Secure your brand identity and reassure customers about message authenticity, protecting them from fraud.


Fully branded to match your colours and fonts with your company logo.


Increase customer engagement and conversion rates with more interactive content.


Create distinguished buttons with suggested actions and call to actions to drive conversions and interactions.


Track the performance of your messaging and where customers lose interest with delivery and read receipts.

Employ in a
multichannel strategy

Combine with other Esendex channels for a comprehensive communication strategy.

But what about Iphone users?

Currently, RCS messaging is only supported by Android devices and as such customers with Iphones are unable to receive these messages. Similarly, customers who have Android handsets aren’t able to receive Apple Business Chat messages.

The good news is that with Esendex you can send rich content to ALL your customers from one campaign. Our platform can identify users capable of receiving RCS messages with a failsafe channel like SMS Landing Pages and Mobile Journeys for those who cannot.

So what are the benefits of RCS Messaging?

Lower cost
of customer service

Automate customer conversations with intelligent chatbot and suggested replies for basic queries.

customer retention

Provide customers with richer more engaging content that’s at the height of customer convenience.

More trusted
messaging service

Verified user status and matched branding ensures messaging authenticity.

engagement data

Get a better idea of who is reading your messages with read receipts and improved tracking

brand perception

Now’s your chance to be a pioneer of the next best customer messaging solution.


Send images, video, vouchers and more to your contact all through one messaging application.

SMS landing page

Deliver rich content to 100% of your contacts with our fall-back option.


RCS will be featured on all Android handsets without needing a download

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