Introducing Echo for Email...

Echo for Email is a service that allows you to send SMS directly from your email account. It’s ideal for those who use email as their primary communication channel.


Echo for Email.
Frequently asked questions.

How is my data secured?


At Esendex we pride ourselves on our security and reliability and have taken a number of measures to protect all data to the highest standard.
We are ISO27001 certified – an independent security standard setting a framework for establishing, operating, reviewing and improving Information Security Management. This ensures all customer data is protected to the highest standard, so you can rest assured that all your details are safe with us.

Can I send SMS and be GDPR compliant?


The short answer is yes; if your message is transactional (i.e. an appointment reminder, delivery notification, business continuity or staff rostering), or a marketing message intended for people with whom you have an existing customer relationship, you can continue to send SMS without needing consent (you must, of course, provide an opt-out on all marketing messages).
When it comes to people with whom you do *not* have an active customer relationship, text message communications fall under the same PECR requirements as email communications. You should get permission from prospects to receive SMS notifications prior to any sends, as well as providing opportunities to change their preferences and opt-out at every opportunity. For more information on how to stay GDPR compliant with SMS take a look at our guide.

How can I show my messages come from a company name?


You can easily set your from address so your SMS can be delivered to people’s handsets with your company name. This is activated in your Echo for Email settings and can be up to 11 characters long.

What email applications does this work with?


Echo for Email is extremely flexible and works with any email client – the sky's your limit!

How can I receive replies?


Replies can be sent either to a Virtual Mobile Number or an SMS Short Code - you can even receive these replies directly into your email inbox!