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Use Cases

Discover how SMS chat can work for your business.

Complaints handling
Payment Collections
Claims management
Order alterations
Appointment bookings
Complaints handling

Complaints and support queries can be dealt with quickly via SMS Chat. If a customer has a complaint they can initiate a conversation by sending a simple text message rather than waiting on hold to speak to someone directly.

Depending on the message content, you can route the customers messages directly the most appropriate team.

With historical chats, your agents can quickly see a customer’s previous conversation and follow on from there while also providing your business with the power to make customer service improvements.

Payment Collections

Send payment reminders with the ability to follow up with an invitation to a payment portal or start a conversation using SMS.

Validate the customer’s identity and set up payment plans directly from their messaging application.

If required, a report with details of the conversation can also be supplied.

Claim management

As well as being able to supply your customer with periodic SMS updates about the status of their claims, SMS Chat provides a facility where they can ask additional questions without having to make a call.

After the identity of the claimant has been validated, the customer is free to ask any question to your agent.

Details of the conversation can then be saved, and delivered to you as a report.

Order alterations

Most customers are supplied with an order number after making a purchase. With SMS chat, a customer can make any alterations to an order using only SMS by using their order number for identification.

The customer can have their chat quickly directed to the most appropriate department enabling a smooth transaction.

A confirmation SMS is then sent to confirm the details of the revised order.

Appointment rescheduling

SMS appointment reminders undoubtedly improve attendance rates but with SMS chat customers can rearrange an appointment directly using SMS.

Appointments can be arranged as soon as the messages come in and with multiple conversation handling, chat agents can offer an availability as soon as one comes up. Whether it’s a repair callout or a doctors appointment, managing your appointments has never been easier.

So what are the benefits?


Provide convenience to your customers at a time and place that suits them.

Gain more

SMS is available on every mobile phone, and doesn’t rely on web access, meaning more customer contact.


Save money by allowing agents to manage multiple text conversations, rather than one phone call.


Most consumers want to use SMS to speak with brands (bulldogreporter) meaning better customer experiences.


Provide a better service by allowing agents to see previous conversations and respond more efficiently.


Set up and use predefined message content, which allows your agents to respond more quickly.


What can SMS Chat do for my business?

Here are the features which will help transform your business communications.

conversation routing

Dedicated virtual mobile numbers for each of your departments.


Use predefined message templates and free type messages - or both!

Define your
business hours

Set up automatic message responses for when your business is closed.


Be alerted to incoming messages without leaving the system you’re using.


Automatically assign conversations to available agents.


Allow customers to resume conversations with a specific agent, rather than the next available one.

response times

Automatically re-assign conversations, after a defined time period has elapsed.


Archive all conversations for full traceability.


Define roles, and set up your levels of user system access.


After a user defined period of inactivity, conversations will be automatically closed.


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