Introducing SMS Surveys...

Gather instant feedback with much higher response rates, helping you to respond to your customers and staff better. Send your SMS Survey following interactions, appointments and purchases to get higher quality feedback and make improvements to processes and products.

Satisfy customers
SMS Surveys offer an easier method of listening to your customers, helping you tailor your products and services to always offer the best. Happy customers mean a happy business.

Keep employees happy
Use SMS Surveys to help you engage with your employees on a regular basis and gain insight into their views on work ethic, staffing and benefits. Happy employees mean a happy business.

Retain your customers
Create quick, affordable questionnaires in line with product launches or creative ideas, which can help you gauge what your customers want from your product or service, helping you to improve your customer retention.

Perform market research
Gain valuable insight in to your consumers spending habits by asking the right questions about products and services instantly with SMS Surveys.

Ask questions. Get answers. Analyse and improve.

SMS Surveys from Esendex are cost-effective, non-intrusive and highly effective! Show customers and staff that you care, identify challenges, and turn complaints into success stories.

Customer Satisfaction

Make improvements to your products and services, by quickly and easily finding out what your customers think.

Site Visit Feedback

Make sure visits to site go the way you expect, and respond quickly if they don't.

Market Research

Collect opinions and information in a convenient way, to help you find out exactly what your potential customers want.

Real-time Dashboard

Receive instant feedback on live survey responses, through intuative graphical dashboard and reports, which can be displayed full screen for office viewing.

Net Promoter Scores

Measure the loyalty of your customer relationships, and find out if they'd reccomend your products and services.


Send SMS Surveys from your existing applications, and receive responses straight back into the same system.


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A globally recognised security standard. Protecting our customers' data is paramount.


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