The Connected Consumer Report 2024

Getting the most from mobile communications

With more ways to connect with customers than ever before, how do businesses shift from single channel to several, or decide which combination of SMS, email, WhatsApp or RCS is right for them?

We’ve been working with customers and listening to consumers for over twenty years. Our latest Connected Consumer report taps into over 6,000 global respondents with survey highlights that include:

o   Top use cases for mobile messaging

o   Two-way messaging and preferred communication channels

o   The pivotal role of trust, privacy and compliance 

o   How communication attitudes and preferences differ by demographic.

The survey results also confirm what we all suspected – that consumers will vote with their mobile if communications are poor. If you want more control of your customer conversations, download our report today.

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“At Esendex, we support customers to deliver an omnichannel communication strategy which includes channels such as the WhatsApp Business Platform, SMS, RCS and many more.”

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