Appointment reminders by SMS

Reduce no shows and missed appointments by sending text message reminders.

Text message reminders for on-the-go customers

Improve business efficiency, profits & service.

62% of no-shows occur because customers simply forgot about their appointment or booking. It’s easier to reduce the number of missed appointments and late cancellations by sending text reminders.

Using phone calls to chase attendees about their upcoming bookings, appointments and meetings can be time-consuming, intrusive and expensive to maintain. The cost of sending an SMS reminder is much less in comparison as well as a quick and efficient way of getting your message across.

Text reminders are friendly and unobtrusive. Less than 1% of all text messages go unread.

Engage with your customers.

Enabling your customers to respond to confirmations and reminders ensures that you can stay on top of cancellations and reschedule appointments as and when they are requested. With the use of a virtual mobile number or shortcode, your customers can confirm their attendance, reschedule or cancel without making a lengthy call.

Send text reminders automatically

By integrating with our API, sms reminders and alerts can be triggered from your CRM to send a text automatically at the most convenient time.

Use of SMS alerts:

  • Restaurant booking confirmation & reminders
  • Salon and beauty appointments
  • Client meetings
  • Balance alerts and notifications
  • Billing reminders
  • Delivery notifications

“53% of millennials want to receive SMS alerts and reminders from brands and businesses”


“the non-turn up rate has been vastly reduced – SMS has played a huge role in successfully implementing this model.”


Killer stats for alerts & reminders

55% of millennials believe SMS is the most convenient way to be reminded. 

SMS reminders can reduce the chance of “no shows” by 50%

71% of people use business texts for setting “reminders of meetings and appointments”.

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