Introducing voice messaging...

Improve your reach and response rates by sending an audio message to a landline or mobile. Voice messaging is a feature in Echo, our web-based service and can be used for appointment reminders, delivery notifications, announcements, staff alerts, surveys...the list goes on.


Voice messaging. Build smart communications.

Send audio messages to landlines or mobile phones

Mobiles & landlines.

Via our web-based application, voice messaging allows you to submit an audio message to a handset, to either a landline number or mobile phone and have the message read out over the phone by recorded message.

Automatic retries.

The destination number can be retried if it’s engaged or unavailable. This makes voice messaging ideal for mission critical, emergency messaging and when you need confirmation that your message has been received. With our “acknowledged” status, recipients can acknowledge receipt of the message by confirming that the voice message has been listened to.

Audio messages are automatically retried when the number is unavailable
Send audio messages in different languages

Multiple languages.

Voice messaging is available in English (UK and Australian accents) Spanish, German and French. If you need to convert a message in a language that we don't currently support please get in touch and we will try to help you.