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Every minute of every day we're helping thousands of businesses use the power of SMS services. Whether it's communicating with customers, recruiting new ones or keeping staff up to date, our services can help you.

Easy to use.

Esendex's SMS service is simple to use, offers free SMS software, free support and competitive prices. So it's no surprise that over 20,000 businesses around the world rely on our text messaging service.

5 killer SMS stats.
  • 145bn text messages were sent in 2013 (Deloitte)
  • 98% of all text messages are read (Frost & Sullivan)
  • SMS is the most popular form of communication in the UK (Ofcom)
  • 90% of all emails are spam, compared to only 1% of text messages (Symantic)
  • Text messages are read on average within 5 seconds (Frost & Sullivan)
"Text messages are read on average within 5 seconds"

Frost & Sullivan

An example of a business SMS message
Our services.
Send SMS online.

Our powerful web-based SMS service allows you to quickly and easily send and receive SMS online. It's so simple to set up that no training is required. You can be up and running within minutes, instantly delivering SMS to thousands of contacts!

Sending SMS messages using the web
Send SMS via email.

Our email to SMS service offers seamless integration with your existing email software (Exchange, Outlook and online services such as Gmail). It's a service that will enable you to send SMS messages directly from your email account - and it's easy to set up.

Sending SMS messages through email software

Our SMS API allows you to automate the sending and receiving of SMS with your websites, applications and software. With a dedicated in-house development team, you can be sure that our API is easy to integrate with no matter what programming language you use.

Automate SMS messages using API system

Passionate about business communications, we are investing heavily to create the next generation of text messaging products and platforms.

High quality SMS gateway.

We provide high quality, mission critical, business SMS software to companies who rely on us to get their messages delivered fast. With our direct connections to all the UK mobile networks and our excellent global coverage, we provide a superior service, because we know that every message matters.

Total flexibility.

We're flexible - small enough to give you personal service, but large enough to deliver communication networks that you can rely upon to deliver excellent performance.

Future-proof solutions.

As a development-led business, we are young, dynamic and ambitious. Why are we here? Quite simply, to change business communications forever.

Esendex's team