SMS Short Codes.

Memorable 5 digit text numbers.

SMS Short Codes. The killer options.

Short Codes can be used for promotions, enquiries, surveys, mobile coupons and more. The memorable nature of an SMS Short Code offers an easy way for customers and prospects to contact you instantly.

Shared Short Code.

A shared Short Code means that many people use the same number; however everyone has a unique “keyword”. This keyword is to be placed at the start of a text and will direct the texts to the correct account’s inbox. When a user responds they are charged only at their standard network rate.

Dedicated Short Code.

Using a dedicated Short Code means that you own that number and every message sent to it will go into your account, regardless of what the first word of the text message is.  Owning your own Short Code is ideal for heavy duty users.

FreeText Short Code.

Our ‘FreeText’ service allows respondents to your marketing campaign to text in for FREE.  Using FreeText removes the worry about the cost of sending the message for respondents and therefore, helps to increase response rates.  

“We wanted a solution that could quickly help fans tell us of troublemakers in confidence and not have their own safety compromised.”


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