Providing extra B2B communication channels for marketing automation software provider Spotler

Who are Spotler?

Spotler (previously known as CommuniGator) provide specialist marketing automation platforms, for the provision of B2B lead generation.

They work with their customers to generate and deliver new business opportunities via an all-in-one marketing automation platform which allows customers to manage every step of the digital communication journey.

From tracking leads to building complex campaigns which implement the most engaging communication techniques and channels, CommuniGator integrates with a wide variety of CRM systems, and use customer data to deliver high conversion campaigns.

What were Spotler looking for?

As part of their continual platform development, Spotler established from customer feedback a requirement for an additional communication channel to be added to their platform. This channel was SMS.

In order to provide this functionality, Spotler needed to partner up with a communication provider who had the infrastructure to cope with multiple accounts, while also being flexible enough to integrate with their marketing automation platform.

Any partnership also needed to provide a responsive level of account management, which ensured that the end customer had a good experience from the first introduction, to regular usage.

What benefits have Spotler seen from partnering with Esendex?

Having successfully partnered with Esendex, Spotler are now able to offer their customers an engaging way to send both Email and SMS to the end customer. The way it works is simple.

From within the end customer’s CRM system or from within Spotler, the customer selects their audience to communicate with. They’re then able to create the SMS and send it out directly from that system.

From within the customer’s Esendex account, they’re then able to access reports which detail the status of every message sent on an individual basis.

Spotler’s referred customers are also able to benefit from being able to personalise their marketing campaign sends. Dynamic fields can be included in every SMS which means that unique details like customer name can be tailored for every message recipient. This ensures a consistent, yet personal feel to every message – no matter the campaign type.

“If you are looking for an SMS partner, look no further than Esendex.”.


How does the Spotler/Esendex partnership work?

After becoming aware of the Esendex reseller programme, Spotler decided to enter into the Esendex Partner Programme, which works through a simple referral format.

Spotler customers who are interested in using SMS, are referred to a dedicated Esendex account manager, who will take the time to understand their issues and the ways that the Esendex SMS solution can help them.

The customer then signs up for their account through a bespoke partner link, which when selected will take them to a fully branded Spotler/Esendex sign-up page. Once signed up, the customer can start to include SMS as part of their contact strategy workflow via an intelligent API integration.

All SMS credits purchased from Esendex are tracked on a month by month basis, with Spotler receiving a share of the revenue at the end of every month.

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“When we identify a customer that wants to add SMS functionality to their account, it is a simple process to get them set up and ready to send. Customers provide positive feedback on their interactions with Esendex, so we have no hesitation in recommending them as a partner.”

The support we receive from our Account Manager at Esendex is excellent and we work together to provide training for our own Account Managers and internal staff on the options available for our customers.”

Andrew Wilks, Head of Account Management, CommuniGator

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