What types of programme do Esendex offer?

We can help you achieve your goals no matter the size of your business.

Technology Partner
Esendex Partner
Value Add Partner
Offer Esendex channels to your customers from within your existing portal
Technology Partner

As a Technology Partner, you can offer a wide variety of Esendex products and multichannel workflows to your customers.

You will be able to rebrand our web portal to match your business, creating your own SMS reseller business.

  • Adjustable rates for your customers
  • Create subaccounts
  • Manage multiple customer billing
  • Itemised billing per account to audit and recharge
  • API integration
  • Dedicated Account Manager and support team assistance.
Use your existing customer base to offer the intelligent Esendex communication channels
Esendex Partner

If you're looking to offer SMS to your existing customer base through your software then this is the programme for you.

You can enjoy a share of the revenue and we'll look after the billing of your customers, account management and queries.

  • Dual branded partner profile page created on the Esendex website
  • 10% revenue share for the life of the customer
  • Esendex manages the relationship with your customer
  • API, email and Web account available to support sending of messages.
Pass on the maximum discount to your customers by becoming an Esendex Value add partner
Value Add Partner

This programme is very similar to our Partner programme except it offers maximum discount to your customers rather than you taking a share of the revenue.

  • Dual branded partner profile page created on the Esendex website
  • Esendex manage the relationship with your customer
  • API, email and Web account available to support sending of messages.

What are the benefits of the Esendex Partner programmes?

The Esendex engine is packed full of features that will be a great asset to your customers.

message delivery

We only use Direct Connections which ensures that your messages are only sent via quality routes, reaching your customers quickly.

Intelligent, mobile
focused channels

Supporting a wide range of mobile solutions such as SMS, Surveys, Web apps, Email & Rich Content.

communication approach

Combine the Esendex product suites so your customers can digitise their communications.

Easy to
use APIs

Integrating with our API is simple and quick. Our API documentation can help you get strated.


We're always on hand to help, our customer service desks opporate in our worldwide offices.

data centres

Customers data is stored at our secure UK data centres, meaning speedier access and also legislation compliance where required.

communication platform

We use the most secure communication protocols (TLS 1.2) to ensure your customers data is sent and received in the safest way.


Protecting our customer's data is paramount which is why we adhear to the globally recognised security standard.


The Esendex platform handles billions of messages every year, we can handle your business demands.

set up.

We aim to have you up and running within 24 hours of your contract being signed.


Don't just take our word for it

Here's an example of how partnering with Esendex can benefit your customers.

Our partnership with Clanwilliam Group

Find out how Clanwilliam Group partnered with Esendex to provide a bespoke, self-serve SMS management platform for their healthcare providers.

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