Our product suites at a glance


Diverse SMS products and services

Our SMS solutions are unique and creative, providing your customers with the tools needed to improve engagement and response rates. 

We only use direct connections to send SMS, meaning that by partnering with Esendex your customers only experience the highest speeds and the highest quality.

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Mobile & Web

Unique customer engagement 

A unique mobile landing page that complements your SMS campaign and drives customers towards your goal. Triggered by a link within an email or SMS, Esendex's Mobile Journey removes all uneccesary distractions and puts mobile users on a simple path from A to B. 

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Esendex applications by industry

Examples of how Esendex's business communication solutions have helped companies reach their goals


Communication with patients and staff. Effective way to reduce appointment no shows with reminders, shift planning, follow-ups, etc.

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Transport & Logistics

Delivery notifications, traffic updates and taxi bookings all delivered on the go by SMS.

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Communicating with staff, pupils and parents regarding emergencies, absences and reminders is easy with Esendex SMS.

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Construction & Property

Notify your buyers, suppliers and work force. The simplest way to manage stock and shift changes, and schedule viewings.

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Financial Services

Use SMS to fight fraudulent activity, collect debt, send balance updates, billing reminders, policy renewals and more. 

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Public Sector

Provide a self serve solution using SMS for public information, reduce admin and improve communication with residents, staff and suppliers.

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