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Send SMS straight from your computer with our simple online SMS platform, Echo. Whether you want to communicate with your customers, staff or suppliers, our online SMS service is guaranteed to save you valuable time and money.

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Transform the way you communicate! It’s so simple to send SMS – you just need 160 characters, your computer and away you go. Gone are the days of spending endless hours making phone calls, sending emails or direct mail; with SMS it takes seconds. 

Echo. The 5 killer features.

  • You can easily send bulk SMS to groups or individuals straight from your computer.
  • Receive replies with VMN’s & Short Codes – don’t just settle for one way communication.
  •  Send your SMS with a friendly from address for instant brand recognition. 
  • Personalise your messages with names, dates and times for more engaging, informative communication.  
  • Optimise your messages with our free delivery reports and learn which type of messages get better responses and feedback. 

“Text messages are read on average within 5 seconds

Frost & Sullivan

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