Business critical communications

Businesses today face threats from a variety of places, from cyber attacks to natural disasters, meaning that business critical communications can be required at any time.

As with all successful businesses, the ability to adapt to external circumstances and customer behaviour is vital. When it comes to emergency communications, there are two main criteria that need to be considered; speed and reach. These two elements very much play to the strengths of SMS.

Our products are designed to help your business to effectively and efficiently communicate during a crisis.

Why choose SMS for critical communication?

open rate

Keep recipients up-to-date with a channel which boasts a 95% open rate

90% of messages
read within 3 minutes

Ensure your time critical messages are received and read by recipients almost immediately

Internet connection
not required

Messages can be sent to all handsets, regardless of whether they have an internet connection

Reliable messages
sent using direct connections

Ensure messages are sent securely and direct to intended recipients

communication option

Use SMS to communicate with staff and customers in real-time

No spam folder
directly into message boxes

Messages received direct to mobile handset

your messages

Use data to personalise your messages with names or employee numbers


Contact employees or customers within minutes

Seamless integration

All of our platforms can be seamlessly integrated into your business software using our APIs. This enables your message to be automatically sent via SMS as soon as an incident occur.

It is also possible to create rules that push or route an automated SMS when an alert is required. This means that your time critical information can be sent immediately, via the most effective channel.

SMS – Effective, time critical communication

SMS is one of the oldest yet most effective digital channels available. According to Bank My Cell there are 4.78 billion mobile phone users in the world, all of which have the SMS messaging app automatically installed. This means that no matter the location or time of day, your message will be delivered to it’s intended recipient. With an open rate of 95% and 90% of all messages read within 3 minutes, there is no better channel for delivering time critical messages to a large group of people.

Two-way SMS

A great way to improve the open rate of your business critical communications is by using your brand name for outgoing messages. By displaying your company’s name, your employees will instantly know who is contacting them, resulting in faster interaction rates.

Alternatively, using long numbers or short codes enables your recipients to reply directly. This will open up a two-way communication channel and thus enable you to gain feedback in a quicker and more structured format. It could be that you require your team to send a quick reply to acknowledge that they have received and understood your emergency message.

Messaging Studio: Ideal for communicating more complex messages

Many crisis situations might require a more detailed message than is possible with a single SMS. This is where our Messaging Studio platform can help. Messaging Studio offers a range of functions that can help users to send a more in-depth communication to recipients.

SMS with PDF attachment

This function offers users the option of sending a PDF attachment within their text message. This means that a business can send comprehensive information or instruction en-masse, while still benefiting from the impressive open rate of SMS.

  • An extension of text only templates – simply tick add an attachment and upload your pdf
  • A link is generated – the recipient simply clicks on the link to download or view the PDF
  • It is multichannel and can be used with SMSRCS or WhatsApp
  • You can send one PDF per bulk send

SMS with Landing Pages

Messaging Studio also enables users to send a mobile optimised web page to recipients, which can house more detailed information. It also has CTA buttons which can be used to either link off to further information, on your own website for example, or as a way to track a response.

For example, you might require confirmation from your team that they have read your emergency communication.

“Within seconds our security control centre gets a copy of the text as an email. Stewards and security are dispatched to bring the situation under control – all without anyone knowing who complained”


Multichannel approach for intelligent alerts

In times of crisis, it’s vital that all recipients quickly receive your communication. When time is of the essence, the best channel is the most effective for your type of message and individual recipients. This is why we recommend using a combination, such as SMSVoice and Email. This means that your message will be received and understood, no matter the channel.

For example, you could broadcast a Voice message the moment an incident occurs, followed-up by a progress update via SMS and send authorised and encrypted Emails where required.

Track & report delivery & response communications

A situation can rapidly change during an emergency, so having the ability to quickly and accurately monitor your business critical communication campaigns is vital. Our platforms enable you to monitor SMS delivery and response rates in real time, enabling your business to react immediately to any change in status regarding your crisis situation.

It’s also possible to receive push notifications, which will immediately alert you to the status of your SMS campaigns such as sent, delivered or failed delivery.

Disaster planning

A disaster can affect any type of business at any time and so having a robust business continuity plan is of paramount importance.

Continuity planning is all about identifying the most vulnerable parts of your business and implementing a strategy that helps you to resume operations as soon as possible and contact those at risk.

Our variety of products aim to support you during a crisis and enable you to send critical communications at the touch of a button.

  • Ensure staff are safe
  • Keep staff informed during a crisis
  • Improve disaster recovery communications
  • Monitor systems 24/7 via auto SMS
  • Manage security
  • Improve customer communications
  • Keep teams connected
  • Send business critical alerts

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