What is RCS text messaging?

RCS or Rich Communication Services, is the next-gen upgrade to the text message. While SMS is an incredibly useful channel for business, they are simplistic. A text message cannot be branded, use images and videos or other features that can be found on other OTT messaging services.

RCS text messaging will be feature rich, meaning businesses can create more engaging and interactive messages with customers, all the while promoting brand identity.

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RCS: the evolution of SMS

Imagine if a customer could research train times, book a seat, complete payment and display their ticket all without leaving their messaging app?

How can businesses benefit from RCS messaging?

We take a look through some of the benefits of implementing this new capability into your communications strategy.

RCS Messaging: What could the future look like?

Producing on-brand communication with customers, clients and staff, across every medium, is every marketer’s dream.